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-Jamie, Hygienist

“If one were going to design the perfect mouthwash, it would need to: be safe for the user, whiten teeth, kill bacteria, destroy biofilms (sticky plaque), eliminate bad breath and taste great so patients will actually use it. Fortunately, nobody needs to bother designing this mouthwash because I've been using it for several months in my oral surgery and implant practice and it’s called OraCare™.”
-Dr. Michael, DDS, Texas

“I really love OraCare™. As my perio re-evals come back, I am finding a huge difference in the results and health of those patients that I irrigated with OraCare™ vs those I irrigated with Peridex. It made a huge difference!”
-Melissa, Hygienist, West Virginia

“I have veneers and my mouth has bled for years every time I would brush or floss. After two weeks of using OraCare™, the bleeding is gone. Where can I buy more?”
-Andre, California

-Dr. Ed, DDS

“After rinsing with OraCare™, my mouth feels like it’s been power washed.”
-Steve, New Jersey

“I have been seeing my present hygienist for 10 years. I began using OraCare™ rinse about 5 months ago and at my most recent check up and cleaning she remarked this is the first time she has not seen my gums bleeding when she cleaned them. She was impressed.”
-Rick, Iowa

“My niece (age 7) had blisters on her throat. I gave her OraCare™ and they cleared up in 36 hours.”
-Dr. Martino, DDS, West Virginia

“We've been following a man and his medicine induced gingival hyperplasia since 2004. This is the first time he has ever presented to our office without gingival inflammation. The difference? OraCare™.”
-Dr. Barnett, DDS, Alabama


“My father developed herpetic stomatitis on his palate and had severe pain while trying to eat. Within a day and a half after rinsing with OraCare™, it was completely diminished. His pain was better in two uses! This stuff is for real. You can't put a price tag on health, especially when pain is involved. I use it myself every day as well, and will continue.”
-Dr. Linger, DDS, West Virginia

“My son has cancer and is going through chemotherapy. He has been experiencing dry mouth and has been developing a multitude of small canker sores in the mouth. OraCare™ helped so much with his dry mouth and to contain the small canker sores that it made everything tolerable.”
-Ginna, New Jersey

“I am prone to canker sores. The irritation and pain caused by them had not been helped by any product, so I would just have to wait for them to clear up. However, less than 24 hours after I rinse with OraCare™, my canker sores are gone.”
-Lindsay, Ohio


“I am beyond impressed with OraCare™. I use OraCare™ both personally and professionally. I also have the pleasure working with hygienists across the United States who are also getting measurable consistent results. In my opinion OraCare™ exceeds any other oral rinse available on the market.”
-Shannon, Hygienist, Texas

“We absolutely love this product! My daughter developed an ulcer in her mouth/throat due to a previous virus. Her Pediatrician advised that she gurgle with salt water. After this did not work, we used Dentist Select OraCare™, and within 2 days the ulcer had healed significantly and was gone within 4 days! My 9 year old daughter said this stuff is amazing, it really works! Unlike other products, OraCare™ does NOT sting. Not only does it quickly heal ulcers, it leaves your mouth with a fresh clean taste. You have to try it to believe it. Thank you so much-WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!”
-Donna, West Virginia

“As a hygienist I have been using OraCare™ personally and absolutely love this oral rinse. I have the privilege of coaching doctors and dental hygiene teams. All these teams have become raving fans of OraCare™! What I am hearing most is that patients are getting extraordinary results, love the product and the practices can't keep it in stock. It is revolutionizing the treatment and prevention of periodontal disease.”
-Tara, Hygienist, Massachusetts


“Bless the makers of OraCare™. I hate mouth odor and this eliminates it!”
-Maxine, West Virginia

“A woman who has worked for me in my office for 36 years came in very upset 2 months ago. She had just been to her periodontist of many years who told her she needed an extraction, implant and a new bridge. Although I am a pediatric dentist I have been following her work in her mouth through the years. I was surprised to hear that she needed this. She showed me her X-ray and there was fairly good bone around the tooth in question but much inflammation and a deep pocket distal to the tooth in question. I suggested to her to have the area cleaned out thoroughly by her periodontist and gave her a bottle of OraCare™ Oral Cleanser, instructions, and a syringe to “shoot” the OraCare™ into the area in question as well as rinse normally. Her follow up was all smiles at her dentist. He could not believe how great the area around the tooth in question looked as well as her entire mouth. No implant, no bridge, very happy woman.”
-Dr. Berk, DDS, New York

“We had to take this patient's braces off early because of such poor hygiene. The patients gums were very red, swollen and painful. We gave the patient OraCare™ with the instructions to rinse twice a day. Six weeks later the patient returned with all symptoms gone. We see many patients just like this case and never had anything to help. Now we do. All ortho patients now get OraCare™. Thank you, Dentist Select!”
-Dr. Flanagan, Orthodontist, Tennessee

After Image

“The results I have been seeing in my office have been astounding. Despite the best of home care, some of my patients had persistent inflammation. Placing them on OraCare™ home care has been a life altering experience for them. They are no longer experiencing frustration about their gum health. The bleeding has been reduced SIGNIFICANTLY and patients report a fresh feeling mouth. My experience has been jaw-dropping. I now have a ‘tool in my toolbox’ that is life altering. Patients now can improve their oral-systemic health significantly with OraCare™”
-Dr Patil, DDS, California


“As a new cancer patient, I found OraCare™ a great help. I had heard that with chemotherapy one could get terrible mouth sores. During my treatment I can say that I believe OraCare™ had a major part in keeping my mouth sore free. I am grateful for the help provided by this ‘magic mouthwash’.”
-Sister Anthony Mary, Kentucky

“I am currently undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. Some of the side effects of the chemo are mouth sores, dry mouth and a metallic taste that never seems to subside despite several brushings per day. The only thing that gives me some relief from all of these symptoms is Oracare. It cured two mouth sores in a day, and it helps alleviate dry mouth each time I have chemo.”
-Catherine N., Quebec


“I'm an occasional cigar smoker and I told a friend that my wife complains about the smell of my breath after I indulge. He recommended OraCare™ to me and he explained that it wasn't any ordinary mouth wash. I did end up trying it after I smoked and was blown away by how it eliminated all of the stale tobacco taste from my mouth and my wife was amazed by how my breath smelled so clean... Not only that but it didn't go away after the usual 10 minutes or so, my breath was fresh for hours afterwards. I wouldn't even consider using any of the supermarket mouth washes ever again.”
Phil S., New Jersey

“I am in my sixties and I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. To keep it in control I have to give myself a shot of Humira every two weeks. Humira lowers my immune system and I get severe sores in my mouth I also have pain on my tongue like someone got a razor and put cuts across my tongue. Even toothpaste hurts. I have tried several remedies with doctors and dentists. Nothing has worked. My daughter's dentist gave me OraCare™ and it has been a Godsend. Thank you so much. After three years of searching I have found relief.”
Elaine A., Colorado

OraCare™ Activate Oral Cleanser

“I am a long suffering patient with Sjorgren’s Syndrome. This causes severe dry mouth leading to much tooth decay and other oral diseases. I also have a constant burning sensation in my mouth from this disease. I have used OraCare™ for two days now and the burning is gone. I also have noticed my mouth is more moist and clean than it was and I have not had to chew gum for moisture since I have started using OraCare™. I really like this rinse.”
J. West, Iowa

“I have struggled with Halitosis since I was 15 years old. I have spoken with several Doctors, Dentists, Hygienists and Ears, Nose & Throat Specialists all to no avail. Over the last 43years I have tried every product imaginable including hydrogen peroxide straight on my toothbrushes. I brush twice every morning, once to eliminate the foul morning breath and the second time after flossing and tongue scraping to whiten and leave a fresh taste. Then I use mouthwash and sometimes, within minutes, my mouth no longer feels fresh.
I started using Dentist Select OraCare™ Activated oral cleanser and although it has not cured the condition it has made enough of a difference that I intend to continue using the product. I do recommend that anyone suffering from chronic halitosis try OraCare™.”
Cathy A., Alberta, Canada